Chinese trampoline team set ot to Europe, Olympic list will soon surface

Time:2016-02-09 12:00:00
The Chinese Trampoline team led by the Olympic champion He Wenna, Lu Chunlong will set out to Europe tonight, to participate in the annual World Cup Series in Spain and Switzerland races, including Swiss station is China's trampoline Olympic selection points race last station. Later, concern Chinese trampoline Olympic team will surface.
According to the State General Administration of Sport Management Center of Li Ge of minister of Ministry of gymnastics trampoline Gymnastics Center was introduced before, in April last year at the National Olympic selection of leading working group meeting, announced the 2012 London Olympic Games trampoline project selection scheme, in the scheme, five races are selected as points race.
"World Championships last year and this year the London test matches, players can choose one of them; the second and third station are in April of this year's national championships, national series of FuZhou Railway Station; fourth station is6 at the beginning of the month in Taiyuan for the World Cup series; the last station is the World Cup series race in spain. Five station selection after the race, teams will be in accordance with the players integral plus daily performance of two big factors, to determine the final 2 male 2 female, a total of 4 entries."
In tonight's lineup, besides He Wenna, Lu Chunlong two Olympic champions, world champion, Li Dan, Huang Shanshan clock Xingping, Dong Dong, Tu Xiao Xie Shuai, you will have all the trampoline for having heard it many times in a row. All screwed up, and strive in the last leg of qualifying for the final selection of the perfect play, to add a heavy weight for joning the Olympic squad.


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