To protect Huang Shanshan's accidental fracture, the coach will recuperate for 1 month

Time:2016-01-16 12:00:00
From the London Olympic Games with more than 1 month, the injury is every athlete's and coach's most reluctant problem. However, in the Trampoline World Cup Switzerland during the station, Chinese trampoline coach Zhuo Xianlin for the protection of the whereabouts of the Huang Shanshan is not injured, his shoulder was broken, the master and apprentice Olympic preparation will face more and more challenges.
After the trampoline World Cup in Spain, Chinese team move on to switzerland. Because Spain was the Chinese trampoline team Olympic points race at the end of a match, after He Wenna and Huang Shanshan the two Fujian players won the Olympic qualification, men also lasted 08 years lineup, on behalf of the Chinese team will be defending champion Lu Chunlong and world champion Dong Dong, therefore, Swiss station on the Chinese team training and adjusting the significance than the game itself, guaranteeing the safety of athletes is the most important thing.
However, beat all things happened. Local time on June 21st, before the training, veteran Huang Shanshan because of decreased physical fitness difference a bit hurt, just before she was to fall on a trampoline legs, and the protection of the coach Zhuo Xianlin step forward bravely, Huang Shanshan's body pressured in the coach 's shoulder, avoiding the hurt, but the accident led to coach's shoulder fractures.
To win an Olympic qualification process is very difficult, who knows the Olympic distance only when more than 1 months, the coach becomes injured, that for Huang Shanshan's preparation for the Olympic Games is a great challenge. Because the next month not familiar with the coach in the side protection, for her psychological will also have a certain impact. Due to Zhuo Xianlin's injury will recuperate for 1months, trampoline team today after returning to study, and to Huang Shanshan the next training arrangements.


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