Olympic trampoline gold medal-winning has greater resistance

Time:2016-03-14 04:00:00
After the Olympic Games in Beijing in four years, with Shanxi's Dong Dong as the representative of the Chinese team in the world Trampoline competition invincible, momentum. Does this mean that in the upcoming London Olympic Games, Chinese team will be able to easily win the gold? Industry analysis shows that, the matter is not so simple.
Zhao Yuxin thinks, to win the gold it is not as easy as it seems, the rules of the game change, and it is Chinese team's first problem to face. In addition to the previous action points and difficult points outside, new rules added the height scores. The London Olympic Games trampoline competition is held in the tower, and that events are very different from ground station. It is more difficult, with only one day before the competition can adapt to the venue, only a short time in two hours.
This is a 18 seconds to decide the outcome of the game, in the game when problems arise, it has no chance to redeem the loss, even though the performance is good, but in the Olympic Games once a problem appears, it will waste all the previous efforts.
There is a situation that can not be neglected, that is competition strength. This year's European Championship, two Russian rookie won the men online personal top two, showing a strong overall strength. The game adds "height", which is proposed bu Russia. While the first tower game, British players have more time to adapt, also held at the right time, Japan, Belarus, Canada and other team also has very strong actual strength.


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