Pro, free to see the trampoline competition today

Time:2016-08-22 04:00:00
Today, the 2012 national Trampoline series competition will start in Fuzhou city stadium. He Wenna, Huang Shanshan, Ye Shuai and Lu Chunlong will take part in the tournament. It is reported this competition is not selling tickets, the audience can be free to go to watch the game.
To select the best players to play on behalf of the Chinese Olympic Games in London, National Gymnastics Center established in the 2011 World Championship, the London 2012Olympic test events, the 2012World Cup series, the 2012 national championship and the national series, events as auditions, combined with the usual training performance comprehensive evaluation. Because this competition is one of the Olympic Games, the players are very seriously. The participants are the top 16 players of the national Trampoline Championship which was held in Kunshan a few days ago.
At present, China's trampoline levels in the world maintains a leading position, the individual men and women online project has got full Olympic qualification. If they can play on behalf of the Chinese Olympic Games in London, then his (her) chances to win the Olympic gold medal will be very high.


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