Trampoline team players live far away from their parents and spend every day in the somersault

Time:2016-06-06 04:00:00
Most children spend their childhood in the parents' favor and heaps of toys, but to 8 young players of Qingdao Trampoline team, they spend their childhood in everyday's practice like 1000 times jump and somersault. Every afternoon at 4pm, these young players will come to Qingdao second stadium comprehensive training hall to do the trampoline training. May 30th at 4 pm, reporters in Qingdao second stadium comprehensive training hall to see, just after school, the small players have been doing the trampoline traning under the guidance of coach. Although the training was very boring, but the children got rhythmical and were strict in one's demands. Coach Du Qinzheng told the reporters, this group of children began practicing the trampoline basically from 5 years old, currently in preparation for the provincial games in September. 11 year-old young players Wang Jing told reporter, she wanted to enter the competition team," two years later to attend the Provincial Games and get championship". But at break time, small players returned to the playful nature, reading comic books, playing games ... ... really Have a good time. It is understood that these small trampoline players are from local or suburban family, Monday to Friday's live and study are in Qingdao trampoline team training center, only at weekend can they returning home. Training center arranges special nurse and teacher to take care of children, however, getting up, dressing, eating and taking shower are independently by children." General practice two years will see if they have the talent. But now fewer parents who will let their children do trampoline, they are distressed children." Coach Du said, in fact, Qingdao trampoline team do well in the last year," Shandong province Trampoline Championship win 5 gold medals, but also carry a large number of players for the province team, this made us coach very happy".


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