High-tech "assistant" join the trampoline team

Time:2016-11-11 12:00:00
National trampoline team are preparing for the Olympic Games, coaches have found the "high-tech weapons" for them.
At present, Chinese Trampoline team are training in Beijing Sport University, preparing for London Olympic games. Recently, the State General Administration of sports director Liu Peng appears in trampoline team 's training ground.
Liu Peng is no stranger to the trampoline team, over about two months, he has been two times to visit trampoline team members and coaches. This time, when Liu Peng sees Huang Shanshan, he talks to her for a long time.
However, the trampoline team still gave Liu Peng a" surprise" -- they are trained in the use of a new real-time playback equipment.
Reporters on the trampoline team training hall put several cameras and projection television, for training athletes, coaches can see real-time playback on TV, just like live.
This set of equipment attracts Liu Peng's attention. However, he did not forget to let the players try their best, at the end of training to give us a speech, especially when it comes to Cuba in the tough environment training story.


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