Don't know how to install the trampoline you got? Let's take a look at the description of the trampoline manufacturer

Time:2023-07-31 02:49:17

Trampoline is a healthy exercise for the body and mind. Many people like to exercise on trampolines and have fun while exercising. Nowadays, children's trampolines have become the most popular star equipment in playgrounds, and investors from all over the world are gradually focusing on children's trampolines. So how should you install a children’s trampoline after buying it? How can we make children safer and more secure when playing? Let’s listen to the recommendations of trampoline manufacturers.

1. First, place the fasteners at the appropriate positions on the connecting pipe and tighten the screws with tools.

2. One person puts the equipment upright on a pillar near the corner as indicated on the drawing and puts it in the correct position; the other person puts in the link pieces as indicated on the drawing and puts on the fixed footplate below.

3. According to the requirements marked on the drawing, pick up another column, put the connecting pipe into it, require the connecting pipe to contact the column pipe, and use a tool to tighten the screws.

4. For safety, the upper connector should also be slightly fixed. Put the connecting pipe into it, and then tighten the fixing screw.

5. According to the drawings, install different link pieces on different columns. You can also put the foot plate on first and tighten all the connecting fasteners.

6. Stand up the column, connect it with the connecting pipe, and tighten the screws. And so on until the entire frame is installed.

7. When connecting, the procedure is the same from the first floor to the second floor, then to the third floor, and finally to the top. After installation, it is recommended to test it first to ensure safety. Wait until the safety is confirmed before putting the children's trampoline into use. Ensuring safety is the most important point. Only when safety is ensured can customers play safely and securely.

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