Our Mission

Create a model of leisure and fitness, and escort the quality of life of the whole people.


Develop "sunshine" sports, promote the development of "National Fitness", and advocate A healthy lifestyle, a positive, sunny, optimistic, and open-minded lifestyle.

Corporate Vision

Create a century-old famous enterprise, establish a century-old brand, and always be an expert and leader in fitness equipment.


Famous enterprises: enhance international brand awareness, ranking first in domestic and international brand value and market share; Expert: Deeply cultivate in the field of fitness equipment, lead the development trend of the industry in design, research and development, manufacturing and innovation capabilities to meet the increasing needs of customers; Front-runner: Able to achieve industry-leading sustainable profitability in business activities, and create higher returns for investors and employees.



Core Value

Gratitude, sincerity, innovation, persistence, sunshine



Gratitude: touching grace and being kind to others;

Sincerity: Treat people sincerely and act with integrity;

Innovation: foresight and change;

Persistence: strong willed, perseverance;

Sunshine: "Sunshine" life: happy sports, quality life;

"Sunshine" Enterprise: Honest Sunshine, with one heart and one mind;

"Sunshine" employees: positive, optimistic and open-minded.


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